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Friday, 6 June 2014

How to do the 'da'wah'

Assalamualaikum WBT

Everybody. How's ur iman? How's ur life? 
I'm healthy here, but my iman. Hwaaaa so sad... Hopes Allah give me strength to strengthen my iman. InsyaAllah

Actually, right now I'm watching Tanyalah Ustaz TV9 with the title 'Solat Tahajjud' and with my lovely granny because my other family go to tasik keramat... JOGGING... So good!!! Hihi

Ok. Just jump to my title

The way TV9 promote their 'Tanyalah Ustaz' in the iklan: Go to people outside there and give them a card with a messsage, then the answer we need them to find out at 'Tanyalah Ustaz'.

I think thats a best way to da'wah  without say a word to the mad'u. 

A card with messages and tag in a website or a link on how them can find the answer. Eg: tag a sentence from Al-Quran and etc. 

Thats it for today. Tanyalah Ustaz at TV9 also finish already. Till we meet again. Please pray for me to istiqamah in this way of da'wah

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