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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Feeling Lost

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Just want to share my feeling during this semester break.

Its started in mid of feb, when I came back home. I did not fill my break with good starter.

Then it continue like that. Actually I already plan my break nicely because I have an assignment to settle and submit first week of new semester.

But, all of it just burn like that.


I just follow my nafsu, just read novels, e-novels, short story and so on.

Sometimes I think that I take a wrong way when I choose my way of education.

Just because I follow my family decision, but I think it deeply.

It is not important anymore because now is my last semester to finish my degree study.

Oh ALLAH, I cannot think anymore.

Luckly I have a bestfriend that support me and she told me what to do right now.


Actually, everything we just have to back to ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY

Thats all..

tergantung sangat sbb tak tau nak luah mcm mane...

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  1. huuu.. akak.. this is your final semester..